I believe that the foundation of decision making patterns and key personality traits are ingrained during early childhood. I have always been drawn to understanding the human mind and causes of behavioral patterns. Since I can remember myself, I have been fascinated by the depth and complexities of mind and drawn to understanding it. 

I was born in Russia and got my BS degree in Early Childhood Development in my home town, Stavropol. Right after that, I moved to America. I was 20 years old and loving the freedom of life that is customary in this country. It was an amazing experience to have an opportunity of full immersion into culture and language. Naturally, I dived into reading works of behaviorists in English. I was really fascinated by how different my perception  was of the same authors writing in two different languages. I believe that because of that experience, i now have developed ability to "wear different hats" while looking for solutions.

I have always believed that being a parent is the biggest responsibility and an amazing opportunity to experience, grow and be. After becoming a mother, I also learned that it is a chance to re-live childhood and an opportunity to reprogram yourself into your desired self.

After meeting my wonderful husband Justin, traveling together for a bit and growing together, we decided that we are both ready to step into wonders of parenthood. We both felt that Montessori approach is going to be appropriate for raising our children. I can proudly say that we were Montessori home from very beginning. During my pregnancy we learned and prepared our home in anticipation to introduce our daughter to carefully prepared environment.


Nido stage (0-18month) my daughter spent at home. Using help of  wonderful consultant Gwen Logan from Austin Montessori School, if you have a baby, I highly recommend her help. Please contact school for more info.

Youngest Children stage (18month-3 years old) Valentina spent at Humming Bird Garden Community, Austin Montessori School. She had an amazing guide who made a huge, positive impact on our whole family. Valentina had an opportunity to work with full application of Practical Life which did include complete set of kitchen tools and food preparation. I was a classroom mom and designed unique material for outdoor work. 

When Valentina was ready to transition to Children's House (3-6 years old), our family moved to Miami. We found Alexander Montessori School. It is one of the oldest American Montessori schools in United States, we are looking forward to growing and contributing to this wonderful community.

Currently i am attending MTTI training for Children's House at Alexander Montessori. It is truly wonderful experience to be able to learn from Mrs McGee and her wonderful staff.  

I am now ready to share my experience with you and your family. Please feel free to ask me anything, I am happy to help. 

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